Amith singhee thesis


Amith singhee thesis

Each bus has an arbiter if there is more then one PE on the bus. If there are two busses with different protocols a transducer or a bridge is inserted between them. Therefore, Amith singhee thesis general system architecture consists of four components processors, memories, transducers, and arbiters and buses.

Obviously, busses, arbiters, and transducers can be replaced by any other network-on-chip NoC. The behavioral description defines the black box functionality by specifying the outputs as a function of inputs and time while structural description consists of connected components from a given library.

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During this process designers must make several different design decisions such as selecting components and their connectivity, mapping computation and communication descriptions to components, ordering or scheduling computations and communication of different messages, adding new objects, inserting synchronization to preserve dependences to name a few.

The design process is a sequence of such design decisions. Since for every design decision there is a model transformation, a sequence of design decisions will result in a sequence of transformations or model refinement as explained earlier.

Therefore, every synthesis task can be defined as a set of design decisions plus corresponding model refinement. Past, Present, and Future 13 This concept is demonstrated in Fig. The Estimation Tool runs through Model A and generates different design-quality metrics needed for making corresponding design decisions.

The design algorithms in the Synthesis Tool select proper components from Component Library and define their connectivity while Refinement Tool generates the refined model as explained earlier. As shown in Fig.

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If each transformation in the refinement preserves the model equivalence then the refined model is equal to the original one. If transformations are performed automatically by the Refinement Tool the source code in it may not be bug free and may require additional verification tool.

Therefore, we may use the Verify Tool which verifies that models before and after specific transformation are equivalent. The notion of model equivalence comes from the simulation semantics of the model. Two models are equivalent is they have the same input-to-output results.

This translates to existence of the same or equivalent objects in both models, the same partial order of execution of tasks, same input and output data for each task and same partial order of data transactions. In other words, all data dependences must be preserved. Note that verifying each refinement, does not necessarily mean that the final model is completely correct.

We also need to use traditional verification techniques to verify that the starting specification model is correct and we also must demonstrate correctness of the models in the component library.

Furthermore, if we replace one object in the model with the other, we must also demonstrate that this replacement will not change the final result.

Without well-defined models and clean semantics only very little progress can be expected.Amith Singhee Thesis reena pau thesis why do i hate writing essays write a thesis proposal in the area of computational sciences thoreau essay heartwarming write a thesis proposal in the area of computational sciences phd thesis on family planning thesis theme photo blog reena pau thesis.

PhD Thesis: Knowledge-Based Synthesis of Custom VLSI Router Software, Ramesh Harjani, Amith Singhee, now a Researcher at IBM India Research Lab.

Amith singhee thesis

Amit Singhee, “Nearest Neighbor Queries for Analog CAD Applications,” May 1 DATE 08 March 10 14, Munich, Germany EDAA. ISBN IEEE Catalog Number CFPDVD Click on the text below to go to: Proceedings Table of Contents Front Matter Author Index DVD produced by Kathy Preas, KP Publications.

Amith Singhee was a co-winner of the A.G. Milnes Award for best Ph.D.

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thesis at the ECE graduation ceremonies this weekend. The Milnes award honors the graduating ECE doctoral student "whose thesis work is judged to be of the highest quality and has had a significant impact in the field".

PhD Thesis: Knowledge-Based Synthesis of Custom VLSI Router Software, Ramesh Harjani, now E.F Johnson Professor of ECE at U.

Minnesota, PhD Thesis: OASYS: A Framework for Analog Circuit Synthesis, Electrical,Electronics,Communications,Power,Precision and Control.

DATE 08 March 10 14, Munich, Germany - PDF