An analysis of zoo

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An analysis of zoo

An analysis of zoo

Assumptions[ edit ] The zoo hypothesis assumes first that a large number of alien cultures exist,[ citation needed ] and second that these aliens have great reverence for independent, natural evolution and development.

In particular, assuming that intelligence is a physical process that acts to maximize the diversity of a system's accessible futures, [2] a fundamental motivation for the zoo hypothesis would be that premature contact would "unintelligently" reduce the overall diversity of paths the universe itself could take.

These ideas are perhaps most plausible if there is a relatively universal cultural or legal policy among a plurality of extraterrestrial civilizations necessitating isolation with respect to civilizations at Earth-like stages of development.

In a universe without a hegemonic power, random single civilizations with independent principles would make contact.

This makes a crowded Universe with clearly defined rules An analysis of zoo more plausible. Fermi paradox With this in mind, a modified zoo hypothesis becomes a more appealing answer to the Fermi paradox. The time between the emergence of the first civilization within the Milky Way and all subsequent civilizations could be enormous.

Monte Carlo simulation shows the first few inter-arrival times between emergent civilizations would be similar in length to geologic epochs on Earth. Just what could a civilization do with a ten-million, one-hundred-million, or half-billion-year head start?

Beyond this, it does not even have to be the first civilization, but simply the first to spread its doctrine and control over a large volume of the galaxy. If just one civilization gained this hegemony in the distant past, it could form an unbroken chain of taboo against rapacious colonization in favour of non-interference in those civilizations that follow.

The uniformity of motive concept previously mentioned would become moot in such a situation. If the oldest An analysis of zoo still present in the Milky Way has, for example, a million-year time advantage over the next oldest civilization, then it is conceivable that they could be in the singular position of being able to control, monitor, influence or isolate the emergence of every civilization that follows within their sphere of influence.

This is analogous to what happens on Earth within our own civilization on a daily basis, in that everyone born on this planet is born into a pre-existing system of familial associations, customs, traditions and laws that were already long established before our birth and which we have little or no control over.

It is only when such worlds become utopian-level space travellers that the Symbionts make contact and bring the young utopia to an equal footing. Clarke 's The Sentinel first published in and its later novel adaptation A Space Odyssey feature a beacon which is activated when the human race discovers it on the moon.

An alien race has apparently visited us in the distant past. In Childhood's Enda novel by Arthur C. Clarke published inthe alien cultures had been observing and registering the Earth 's evolution and human history for thousands perhaps millions of years. At the beginning of the book, when mankind is about to achieve spaceflightthe aliens reveal their existence and quickly end the arms racecolonialismracial segregation and the Cold War.

In Star Trekthe Federation including humans has a strict Prime Directive policy of nonintervention with less technologically advanced cultures which the Federation encounters. The threshold of inclusion is the independent technological development of faster-than-light propulsion.

In the show's canon the Vulcan race limited their encounters to observation until Humans made their first warp flight, after which they initiated first contactindicating the practice predated the Human race's advance of this threshold. Additionally, in the episode " The Chase TNG ", a message from a first or early civilization is discovered, hidden in the DNA of sentient species spread across many worlds, something that could only have been fully discovered after a race had become sufficiently advanced.

In Julian May 's novel Interventionthe five alien races of the Galactic Milieu keep the Earth under surveillance, but do not intervene until humans demonstrate mental and ethical maturity through a paranormal prayer of peace.

Bill Watterson 's Calvin and Hobbes comic strip for November 8,alludes to the possibility of an ethical threshold for first contact or at least for the prudence of first contact in Calvin's remark "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.

Sawyer 's SF novel Calculating GodHollus, a scientist from an advanced alien civilization, denies that her government is operating under the prime directive. In Hard to Be a God by Arkady and Boris Strugatskythe unnamed medieval-esque planet where the novel takes action is protected by the advanced civilization of Earth, and the observers from Earth present on the planet are forbidden to intervene and make overt contact.

One of the major themes of the novel is the ethical dilemma presented by such a stance to the observers.

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In Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Cardthe human xenobiologists and xenologers, biologists and anthropologists observing alien life, are forbidden from giving the native species, the Pequeninos, any technology or information. When one of the xenobiologists is killed in an alien ceremony, they are forbidden to mention it.

This happens again until Ender Wiggin, the main character of Ender's Gameexplains to the Pequeninos that humans cannot partake in the ceremony because it kills them. While this is not exactly an example of the zoo hypothesis, since humanity makes contact, it is very similar and the humans seek to keep the Pequeninos ignorant of technology.

In South Park 's inaugural episode of season seven, " Cancelled ", aliens refrain from contacting Earth because the planet is the subject and setting of a reality television show.

Unlike most variations of the zoo hypothesis where contact is not initiated in order to allow organic socioeconomic, cultural, and technological development, the aliens in this episode refrain from contact for the sole purpose of entertainment.

In essence, the aliens treat all of Earth like the titular character in The Truman Show in order to maintain the show's integrity. In the video game Sporewhich simulates the evolution and life of species on a fictional galaxy, intelligent species in the "Space Stage" cannot contact those in previous stages, which did not unify their planets, nor develop spaceflight yet.Post Politics from The Washington Post is the source for political news headlines, in-depth politics coverage and political opinion, plus breaking news on the Obama administration and White House.

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