Blue revolution in india essay

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Blue revolution in india essay

April 05, It is suggested to practice for Essay with variety of topics. Rain-fed and irrigated agriculture play a key role in ensuring food security for everybody and it will be an enormous challenge to provide enough water for global food production, especially in those regions and countries where water is already scarce.

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Its availability impacts food production and nutrition, city development and growth, income generation and livelihood, and human health and hygiene. Its management reflects the strengths and weaknesses of local, national and international governance systems and the relationships between countries that share water resources.

It is also an important mean for those people who earn their livelihood through small water bodies like small farmers and fisherman. Blue Revolution is the water equivalent of the green revolution and primarily refers to the management of water resources that can steer humanity to achieve drinking water and crop irrigation security.

The aim of the ongoing Blue Revolution is to rapidly increase fish production in small ponds and water bodies, a boon to small farmers, the nation's nutrition and its gross domestic product. The Indian fisheries sector, which 50 years ago produced only 60, tonnes of fish, today produces 5 million tonnes, including 1.

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Although the yield from marine fisheries has stagnated, freshwater aquaculture is growing at a healthy 6 percent a year. The Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture CIFAIndia's largest center of its kind has been the source of much of the science that has driven the growth of Indian inland aquaculture.

The institute began the challenging task of turning what was a minor village tradition into a science that not only could increase the tonnage of fish per volume of water but also cope with inevitable problems that come with more intensive production, such as how to feed fish economically and how to deal with sudden outbreaks of disease brought on by crowded conditions.

Even India's vast distances, hot climate and vegetarian tradition do not place insurmountable obstacles in the way of expansion. Blue Revolution is not only about fishery though.

Their aim is to achieve increased access to, and effective use of, safe water and sanitation. They believe that to avert conflict and meet the basic human needs for water will require bold, concerted action by governments, water users, donors, and the private sector working in partnership to transform water management.Free sample essay on IT Revolution and Students.

We are living in an age of Information Technology.

Blue revolution in india essay

Every spheres of our life is influenced by Information Technology. It resulted in India becoming the largest producer of milk and milk products, so it is also called the White Revolution of India.

India is the largest producer in the world of milk, cashew nuts, coconuts, tea, ginger, turmeric and black pepper. history of Indian agriculture has been glorious attributable mainly to green revolution and subsequent revolutions like white, blue, yellow, brown, feather and red revolutions.

Similarly, the world super agriculture attributes Neolithic, Arab, Scottish. Essays; Blue Revolution; Blue Revolution.

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2 February World; Wanted: A Blue Revolution India and sections of her people have benefited from the ‘Green Revolution’ and the ‘White Revolution’. It is time now to bring about the same convergence of policy and action to execute a quantum jump in the generation of energy.

For want of a. The term "Blue Revolution" refers to India's focus on aquaculture and water reform. Things like drinking water and fish farming are addressed in the policy changes that comprise the Blue Revolution. India's Blue Revolution is a continuation of the same kind of environmental and political reforms.

The Blue Revolution in India Article Shared By The term “blue revolution’ is used to describe the adoption of a package of methods by which fish production has been increased substantially in .

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