Casuarina tree by toru dutt essay

Any form of art is cradled in and nurtured by the actualities of human experience, social and private. Therefore, it would be no travesty to say that literature and society are co-extensive and symbiotic. The symbiosis between literature and society is an abiding principle of human history. It is a commonplace of criticism to dissociate the Romantic from the real.

Casuarina tree by toru dutt essay

If Toru Dutt were alive, she would still be younger than any recognized European writer, and Casuarina tree by toru dutt essay her fame, which is already considerable, has been entirely posthumous. Within the brief space of four years which now divides us from the date of her decease, her genius has been revealed to the world under many phases, and has been recognized throughout France and England.

Her name, at least, is no longer unfamiliar in the ear of any well-read man or woman. But at the hour of her death she had published but one book, and that book had found but two reviewers in Europe. One of these, M. It was while Professor W. Minto was editor of the "Examiner," that one day in August,in the very heart of the dead season for books, I happened to be in the office of that newspaper, and was upbraiding the whole body of publishers for issuing no books worth reviewing.

At that moment the postman brought in a thin and sallow packet with a wonderful Indian postmark on it, and containing a most unattractive orange pamphlet of verse, printed at Bhowaniporeand entitled "A Sheaf gleaned in French Fields, by Toru Dutt. I remember that Mr. Minto thrust it into my unwilling hands and said "There!

But when at last I took it out of my pocket, what was my surprise and almost rapture to open at such verse as this: Song, in the lark of pinions strong. Was not my love made for thy soul?

When poetry is as good as this it does not much matter whether Rouveyre prints it upon Whatman paper, or whether it steals to light in blurred type from some press in Bhowanipore.

Toru Dutt was the youngest of the three children of a high-caste Hindu couple in Bengal. Her father, who survives them all, the Baboo Govin Chunder Duttis himself distinguished among his countrymen for the width of his views and the vigour of his intelligence. His only son, Abju, died inat the age of fourteen, and left his two younger sisters to console their parents.

Aru, the elder daughter, born inwas eighteen months senior to Toru, the subject of this memoir, who was born in Calcutta on the 4th of March, With the exception of one year's visit to Bombay, the childhood of these girls was spent in Calcutta, at their father's garden-house.

In a poem now printed for the first time, Toru refers to the scene of her earliest memories, the circling wilderness of foliage, the shining tank with the round leaves of the lilies, the murmuring dusk under the vast branches of the central casuarina-tree.

Here, in a mystical retirement more irksome to an European in fancy than to an Oriental in reality, the brain of this wonderful child was moulded. She was pure Hindu, full of the typical qualities of her race and blood, and, as the present volume shows us for the first time, preserving to the last her appreciation of the poetic side of her ancient religion, though faith itself in Vishnu and Siva had been cast aside with childish things and been replaced by a purer faith.

Her mother fed her imagination with the old songs and legends of their people, stories which it was the last labour of her life to weave into English verse; but it would seem that the marvellous faculties of Toru's mind still slumbered, when, in her thirteenth year, her father decided to take his daughters to Europe to learn English and French.

To the end of her days Toru was a better French than English scholar.

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Toru Dutt, A Digital Edition: November Her family happened to be one of the few converts to Christianity in Bengal at time of orthodox Hinduism.
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She loved France best, she knew its literature best, she wrote its language with more perfect elegance. The Dutts arrived in Europe at the close ofand the girls went to school, for the first and last time, at a French pension.

They, did not remain there very many months; their father took them to Italy and England with him, and finally they attended for a short time, but with great zeal and application, the lectures for women at Cambridge. In November,they went back again to Bengal, and the four remaining years of Toru's life were spent in the old garden-house at Calcutta, in a feverish dream of intellectual effort and imaginative production.

When we consider what she achieved in these forty-five months of seclusion, it is impossible to wonder that the frail and hectic body succumbed under so excessive a strain.

She brought with her from Europe a store of knowledge that would have sufficed to make an English or French girl seem learned, but which in her case was simply miraculous. Immediately on her return she began to study Sanskrit with the same intense application which she gave to all her work, and mastering the language with extraordinary swiftness, she plunged into its mysterious literature.

But she was born to write, and despairing of an audience in her own language, she began to adopt ours as a medium for her thought. Her first essay, published when she was eighteen, was a monograph, in the "Bengal Magazine," on Leconte de Lislea writer with whom she had a sympathy which is very easy to comprehend.Introduction of Toru Dutt as an Indian English poet • Our Casuarina Tree by Toru Dutt Tutorial for Honours Part II(25/7/) T • iii) importance of the final paragraph of the essay.

P II (Hons): Paper III • The Rise of the novel in the 18th century. The "moving wall" represents the time period between the last issue available in JSTOR and the most recently published issue of a journal.

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Our Casuarina Tree is a poem published in by Toru Dutt, an Indian poet. It is a perfect example of this poem Toru Dutt celebrates the majesty of the Casuarina Tree and remembers her.

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Casuarina tree by toru dutt essay

Save. Toru Dutt was the youngest of the three children of a high-caste Hindu couple in Bengal. Her father, who survives them all, the Baboo Govin Chunder Dutt, is himself distinguished among his countrymen for the width of his views and the vigour of his intelligence.

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