Foreign direct investments in romania

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Foreign direct investments in romania

In order to achieve its goals, Romania Trade and Invest is deeply involved in the national export program developed by Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment, through which the Romanian companies are supported in their efforts for attending international fairs and economic missions.

At the same time, Romania Trade and Invest is in charge in organizing seminars, forums, business meetings, etc for the Romanian companies, increasing therefore their export capacity, giving them the opportunity to meet potential partners. Why ROMANIA When considering Romania as a possible location for developing their businesses, foreign investors take a close look to the advantages provided by our country: IV linking Western and Eastern Europe, corridor no.

IX connecting Northern and Southern Europe and no.

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Resource Advantage Highly skilled labor force at competitive prices solid knowledge in foreign languages, technology, IT, engineering, etc ; Rich natural resources, including surface and underground waters, fertile agricultural land, oil and gas; High potential for tourism.

Types of Business For a foreign investor coming to Romania to set up business, choosing a form of company, as provided by Romanian legislation, represents the first step of the investment.

The most frequently used forms of companies are: A limited liability company may be formed by a minimum of one shareholder and a maximum of 50 fifty. A person, either natural or legal, cannot be the sole shareholder of more than one SRL.

If a person intends to form several companies, it would be necessary for a minimum of one share to be held by another person or entity. Moreover, a limited liability company cannot have, as sole shareholder, another limited liability company that is also owned by a sole shareholder.

The par value of 1 one share shall not be less than RON 0. The shareholders may empower the administrators to increase the share capital of the company with a specified amount the Authorized Capital. Such Authorized Capital may not exceed half of the value of the share capital. For the administration of joint-stock companies two alternative systems may be elected: The unitary system - the company shall be managed by one or several administrators, always in an odd number, organized as a Board.

The Board may assign the management of the company to one or several directors. For those companies whose financial statements are subject to auditing, such an assignment is compulsory and the minimum number of administrators is three.

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The dualist system — the management of the company is ensured by a Directorate and a Supervisory Board: The administrators and the directors, in case of the unitary system, and the members of the Directorate or of the Supervisory Board, in case of the dualist system, may not conclude a labour agreement with the company.

A services provision agreement management agreement is required instead. Representative offices cannot conduct commercial activities in Romania. In order to register a representative office, company officials should apply to the Ministry Economy, Commerce and Business Environment and pay an annual fee of the RON equivalent of USD 1, for the license.

Upon the authorization, the representative office must be also registered with the Ministry of Public Finances and with the Romanian Chamber of Commerce.

Being a unit of the parent company, branch activities cannot exceed the scope of activity of the parent company. Under this agreement, parties act together for the accomplishment of a common business goal. This form of doing business in Romania does not create a legal entity.

Generally, one party is in charge of the bookkeeping of the joint venture. European law requires member states to treat an SE as if it were a public limited company, formed in accordance with the law of the member state in which it has its registered office.

By using the SE, businesses operating in several member states can establish themselves as a single company, rather than following different rules for each country in which they have subsidiaries. SEs are only suitable for large companies.

Limited liability companies are the most popular vehicles among local and foreign investors for carrying out business activities in Romania, because they have fewer administrative requirements and greater flexibility in operations than other types of companies.

Foreign direct investments in romania

They also have a low initial capital requirement. However, the number of joint-stock companies in Romania is increasing, because of their attractiveness to investors interested in equity investing.Foreign direct investment in Romania went up by % in the first five months of this year compared to the same period of last year, reaching EUR billion, according to Romania’s National Bank (BNR).

On January 17, , the State Council issued a circular on a new foreign direct investment policy to open up China’s economic system. At first glance, it would appear that this policy is a reaction to the slowdown in China’s economy. However, in actuality, this recent initiative is connected to a longer-term effort, formulated in , which aims to gradually open up Chinese markets to.

Curacao (Dutch Caribbean) Curacao Industrial and International Trade Development Company (CURINDE) What is U.S. Government Foreign Assistance? Foreign assistance is aid given by the United States to other countries to support global peace, security, and development efforts, and provide humanitarian relief during times of crisis.

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