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Lawsons underwriting australasia golf

Video games market essay Physics ball drop lab report Another weakness of my investigation was the air resistance. If an object has a COR of exactly zero, this means that all the energy was lost during the collision.

This signifies that my data is not accurate.

lawsons underwriting australasia golf

We can find all this out using apps like excel and numbers either one works. I have also proved that more potential energy is gained from a greater height and that the ball will NEVER bounce to the original drop height because following the Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can be transformed.

In the future I could minimize this problem by conducting the experiment indoors and I would turn off the air condition to minimize it even more thus there will always be air resistance in the room but it will be the same so it wont Physics ball drop lab report that much.

In the future I could minimize this problem by using a tripod and the would eliminate the problem. Go up Hypothesis We believe that as the drop height increases, the coefficient of restitution will stay the same.

Similarly, a golf club cannot have a coefficient of restitution higher than 0. My data is also very consistent according to my table for example when the drop height was 80 cm and the bounce height for the first trial was 50cm and for next on it was 51cm and the lawsons underwriting australasia golf one was 50cm as we see these numbers are very close to each other and that means my data is precise.

The graph shows that as the drop height increases the bounce also increases gradually.

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This is what I predicted in my hypothesis, because more potential energy is gained from a greater height. It was expected that the bounce height will increase as drop height increases, but will not be Physics ball drop lab report as high as the original drop height and the resulting bounce efficiency will remain relatively consistent throughout the drop height range.

This made my data more precise because in the Slow Mo camera we could see the videos a few time and if we thought the ball fell on different heights we could get some else opinion to see which answer was right and we are also able to zoom in on the video to clear our doubts.

Go up Problem The purpose of this investigation is to find the relationship between drop height and the coefficient of restitution of various sports balls.

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The three trials for each bounce height were quite similar indicating a good precision in my data. For example, tennis racquets may not have a coefficient of restitution higher than 0.

If a cue ball were to squarely hit another ball of the exact same mass, all of the kinetic energy could be transferred to the second ball and cause the cue ball to stop when it collides with the second ball while the second ball moves forward.

Which in the graph above. It is typically a number between zero and one, although in extreme cases it may be greater than one. This was because as the ball was dropped from greater heights the gravitational potential energy increased simultaneously, which could then be converted back into kinetic energy as the ball bounced back.

One weakness of my investigation was the angle our camera was set on cause a person was holding it so the angle of the camera might have varied. That the higher the drop height of the tennis balls the higher the bounce height. So the ball is raised to a certain height the potential energy in the tennis ball is there and when it is dropped it turns into kinetic energy is wasted to sound, heat movement, ball compression, etc.

There is a linear relationship.

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For example, if a piece of clay were dropped onto the ground, the piece of clay loses all its kinetic energy into its surrounding through sound and heat and becomes deformed due to this loss of energy.

This made my data less precise since at different angles we see heights and if they are incorrect the whole point of the experiment in useless but the person tried to minimize the angle difference.

One of the strength of this investigation was that we used a slow Mo camera. I can now refer back to my hypothesis; I can see my prediction was correct.

lawsons underwriting australasia golf

If there is no drop height there should be no bounce height which should be 0 cm. From my results and graphs. The closer the coefficient is to one, the bouncier the object is. If the camera was held at and higher angle it would give me a lower height and vice versa. In my table the highest difference was 5 cm I think that wont create that much of a problem precision in my data.

The y- interpret that — 3. The dependent variable will be the coefficient of restitution which we will calculate based on our measurements of the drop height and bounce height. For further study relating to bouncing balls we could study how different surfaces affects the efficiency of the ball.

The equation to calculate the coefficient of restitution for an object dropped to the ground is: All the other calculation were done like this.Austbrokers Holdings has expanded its insurance underwriting agency business with the purchase of majority shareholdings in Perth-based Lawsons Underwriting Australasia and Melbourne-based Guardian Un.

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This is because of the physics behind coefficient of restitution, and more importantly, the object dropped in question. If, for instance, a golf ball were to be dropped at a significantly high height, the force of the impact upon its collision.

Physics Ball Drop Lab Report