Market research limitations of coca cola

Limitations of marketing research are as explained below:

Market research limitations of coca cola

As a company, Coca-Cola constantly changes, rebrands, advertises for and presents their products in order to keep sales consistently high.

Since the dawn of social networking, the green movement and the ability to stay constant connected to the Internet, Coca-Cola has continually harnessed new technology in a variety of ways to further the brand.

Greener Bottles Coca-Cola introduced greener bottles and packaging inproducing 2. The practice has been so successful that other companies, such as Heinz, have harnessed this technology to create greener packaging as well.

While the production represents only three percent of Coca-Cola's packaging, the movement continues to grow, as billions of cases of Coca-Cola products are shipped globally each year.

Market research limitations of coca cola

Social Networking Coca-Cola maintains a visible appearance on Facebook and other social networking sites such as Twitter.

With over 34 million fans as ofCoca-Cola harnesses the power of social networking to spread the word concerning new products, test advertorial campaigns, invite users to play games and associate Coca-Cola products with positive feelings.

Using social networking technology enables a brand to stay young, fresh and current. Freestyle Dispensers Coca-Cola began rolling out its freestyle dispensers in late and early Unlike typical soda fountains, the freestyle dispenser allows you to create your own beverage by choosing from over drinks in various combinations.

Not only does freestyle technology allow a greater variety of drinks through its computer-like interface, but the dispenser records information concerning consumers' drink choices, then sends the data back to Coca-Cola as market research.

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Online Advertising Coca-Cola uses subtle yet effective online advertising to make you feel like you want its products. Targeted advertisements on websites mean that Coca-Cola has greater control over who sees their ads and when they see them.

For instance, when you're perusing the online menu of a local eatery, Coke ads may appear, making you associate that restaurant with a tall, icy glass. Or, when you're researching local beaches, you may see an ad for Coca-Cola products, thereby associating heat with the refreshment of Coke. References 2 Microsoft News Center: She is a support worker in the neonatal intensive care and antepartum units of her local hospital and recently became a certified group fitness instructor.Coca Cola Strategic Plan Words | 20 Pages.

The Coca Cola Company Market Plan Marketing plan for a coca cola company Analysis of company situation: Introduction of Coca Cola Company: The Coca‑Cola Company is a beverage company that is publicly listed on the New York stock exchange.

In Coca-Cola had a total market share of % in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Over the past decade, Coca-Cola has been experiencing a decline in sales due to increasing health and obesity concerns. Because of this, Coca-Cola has come up with long term objectives.

Coca-Cola was gaining a stronghold in the American market during the later part of the s and early s, but it eventually suffered from imitation from competitors and criticisms for . The research proposal examines the Coca Cola Company and marketing strategies applied to ensure the firm grows, expands, and undertakes Coursework on Marketing: Coca Cola .

Discuss Limitations of Marketing Research Its MR should that 68% customers in US liked the taste of the new formula developed by the coca-cola corporation. taken and policies framed on the basis of such research studies may not be accurate and useful for solving current marketing problems.

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