Marketing reflections

Reflections of a Newsosaur Musings and occasional urgent warnings of a veteran media executive, who fears our news-gathering companies are stumbling to extinction Friday, March 04, So long again, Chicago Daily News On March 4,the presses fell silent for the last time at the Chicago Daily News, an iconic and crusading newspaper that was unable to adapt to changing times. The following article, which originally appeared here inis reprinted as a reminder of what happens when a paper runs out of readers, revenues and ideas. An agonizing month later, on March 4,the Daily News signed off with the jaunty banner, "So long, Chicago.

Marketing reflections

Download Artwork Marketing reflections Format If you require high-resolution product images for large-scale promotions such as outdoor advertising, please contact us and include an example of your marketing material.

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Contact us Image Use Feature Apple product images on their own in your communications, and don't include images of competing products.

References to multiple platforms and competing products can be made only in copy or with badges. Modifications include adding reflections, shadows, highlights, or graphic elements that appear to enter or come out of the product screen; cropping, tilting, or obstructing any part of the images; animating, flipping, or spinning the images; or creating buttons or icons with a product image.

You can place promotional copy or violators beside the product images, not on top of them. Graphic Standards Use Apple product images at a size that is clearly legible at the image resolution provided.

Ensure that the minimum device size is no smaller than 25 mm in height for printed materials and px onscreen.

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Maintain the correct relative product scale whenever multiple products are shown. Unauthorized uses The following uses of Apple products are not permitted in marketing materials: Screen Content Marketing reflections on the experience of using your app and not on Apple product functions.

Display your app on the screen as it appears when your app is running. For apps that work within Messages, Siri, Phone, or Maps, display your app within the Apple UI exactly as it appears when your app is running.

Be sure to create screens using the latest operating system version. You are responsible for securing the rights to all materials used in screen content within your app, and you should display fictional account information instead of data from a real person.

For the screen content of apps that work within Apple apps, you are responsible for securing the rights and approvals for third-party content such as store names or locations. If your app runs full screen, you can extend your app screen image over the status bar.

Status bar options are provided on different layers within the Smart Object layer. Be sure to select the correct localized layer for the region in which your marketing communications will appear.

Custom Photography and Video Custom photography and video of Apple products are allowed.

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Show people interacting with the Apple product in an authentic way, and feature your app in a realistic manner, exactly as a user will experience it.

Product Use Straight-on product shots are preferred. Don't use extreme angles or alter an Apple product in any way. Only show the back of a device in an authentic manner to illustrate natural use of the device. Don't feature the Apple logo to take advantage of the promotional value of the Apple brand.

Don't obscure or cover the logo. In video, once you show an establishing shot of the entire Apple device, you may pan and zoom to focus on your app. Present the movement in a simple, clear manner. Use straightforward transitions such as fade or dissolve. Don't use Apple user interaction gestures such as Multi-Touch or trackpad swipes to perform scene transitions.

Start the app sequence with your app open. You can use the sounds that your app makes naturally as audio elements of your video, but don't use the native sounds of the Apple device. TV Campaign Approval If your custom video will be used in a TV campaign, written consent and approval from Apple is required prior to broadcast.

Please submit your campaign plans and a QuickTime video of your ad. Ensure that all correspondence is in English, and provide English localization of materials if necessary.

Apple can review work-in-progress materials; however, all final materials must be approved before publication. Contact us Screen Content Focus on the experience of using your app and not on Apple product functions.

Don't show the name or identity of a carrier. Trademark attribution Include Apple credit lines wherever legal information is provided.

At the end of a video, display the correct credit lines for Apple trademarks used in your video as described in Legal Requirements below.

Marketing reflections

Maintain clear-space requirements when credit lines follow the badge.Principles of Marketing- Weekly Reflections WEEK 2 Walking into Myer the other day I was approached by an employee in the makeup department.

From weeks two. Keep in mind that it was when E. Jerome McCarthy’s 4Ps—Product, Place, Price, Promotion—have been the mantra for success in Marketing and the '4P’s of marketing' was invented over 40 years ago.

Sure, the basics are still there however with our new technology that is updated almost daily there are always new and different ways to do things. The top marketing job in the company is a minefield where many talented executives fail. In this issue we examine what makes the position so risky—and how firms can set CMOs up for success.

If you or someone you know has food allergies or insect allergies, you should see an allergist (special doctor trained in allergies) to learn if you need to carry epinephrine (commonly known .

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Short, Simple and Personal reflections on the daily Holy Mass Gospel. I facilitate/conduct Recollections and Retreats. Making the scriptures meaningful for your everyday life, by Terry Modica. This Good news Reflection is worth sharing! Updated daily.

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