Piano partition people help the people

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Piano partition people help the people

Flutes of Gilgamesh and Ancient Mesopotamia

This section looks at musical artifacts, both of lyres and flutes. They are the oldest existing string instruments, dating to about BCE. The grave was ceremonially guarded by six soldiers wearing copper helmets and carrying spears.

A dozen men armed with their weapons laid close to the bodies of richly adorned women, supposedly singers and a harpist. Close to their heads the remnants of two musical instruments were found. They may be associated with the ceremonial burial of the king.

Piano partition people help the people

The restored instrument is on display at the University of Pennsylvania museum. The head of the bull is covered with gold leaf and the beard and eyes are fashioned from lapis lazuli. The eleven strings fastened on the rectangular sound-box are modern.

The front of the sound-box is decorated with the mosaic plaque, trapezoidal in shape and set in bitumen.

In one of four scenes, depicting mythological creatures, a seated animal — onager or bear — plays a similar lyre. Silver flute from tomb PG Beside the stringed instruments flutes were excavated from the royal tombs.

The instrument might have had a reed mouthpiece. These were scientifically cleaned in the University Museum and proved to be of great interest.

The apparently meaningless mass consists of silver tubing, with a total length of 0. Along one side of each there are five?

Piano partition people help the people

There can be no question but that we have here the remains of one of the double pipes figured on Sumerian carvings, e. See the reconstruction of his instrument below by Bo Lawergren. They list the dates as — BCE. For more information and images, visit the page for Flute on the Penn Museum web site.

From this it appears likely that the Sumerians knew the principle of crafting a whistle mechanism. The original image was vertical, with the mouthpiece at the bottom.

The instrument next deserving of notice is a little pipe of baked clay which was found by Captain Willock in the ruins of Babylon, Birs-i-Nimroud, and which has been presented by him to the Museum of the Royal Asiatic Society. It is about three inches in length, and has only two finger-holes, situated side by side, and consequently equidistant from the end at which it is blown.

The opposite end has no opening: If both finger-holes are closed, it produces the note C; if only one of them is closed, it produces E; and if both are open, it produces G. Besides these notes, one or two others are obtainable by some little contrivance: But the fixed and natural notes of the instrument are only the tonic, third, and fifth.People Help the People from Birdy, digital piano sheet music to print.

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