Single parents struggle essay

Lavern Francis COM Instructor James York August 17, Are children who grow-up in a single parent household more likely to struggle in school, get into trouble with the law, and develop serious social problems such as low self-esteem and unhealthy relationships in the future? The myth is that a single parent cannot raise a successful child. That child who grows up in a single parent household is more likely to struggle in school, get into trouble with the law and develop serious social problems. Many negative predictions for children raised by a single parent have more to do with economic hardship than the lack of one parent.

Single parents struggle essay

Single parents struggle to support families on less income Share this story: By Diette Courrege - summer Jul 31, When talking to his mom,Clayton Stewart sounds like the average year-old boy.

With a birthday last week,he's looking forward to his freshman year at the private,Catholic,all-boys school in southern Louisiana. The outgoing teen-ager plays football for his elementary school,and he hangs out with a few close friends in his free time.

And,like many other single parents raising children,Fran Stewart struggles to have a financially secure home. You have to carry that on your own. This trend is important because we have children growing up in households with less income.

Boushey said this points to a need for employers to recognize that all employees need to be able to support a family on their wages. Yet,psychologist Gloria Vanderhorst said the total income of these families isn't as critical as the way the money is managed.

Essay on single parent family

It's not the amount of money that matters,it's how you decide to manage it. Issues more problematic issues than finances confront singles. A Journal of Marriage and Family study found more than financial problems face these families.

According to the study,children raised in single-parent families have more behavioral problems and lower academic achievement than children raised in two-parent families.

Essay: A True Story of a Single Mother

For example,the emotional and practical ones of finding the energy to get things done. Resources are weaker for a single parent. We're a culture that socializes in a coupled system,so asking for assistance is more difficult.

I work hard to get my needs filled in that time so I can be in a good place for him.

Single parents struggle essay

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Her interests include running,reading,hiking,camping and food.Single parents tended to be more socially isolated than married parents. They worked longer hours and received less emotional and less parental support. They tended to have less stable social networks and experience more potentially stressful life change.

Essay on Argument: Family and Single Parent. Allyvanessa Valera Single Struggle Children growing up in a single parent family have been viewed as different. Extension has the structure and expertise to provide this link and enhance the quality of life for the low-income single parent.

Summary A recent Washington study on the problems and support systems of low-income single parents suggests a gap exists in support for . Argumentative essay about single parent struggle. Shout out to my computer science professor for making my page midterm research paper single-spaced.

Single parents struggle essay

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May 18,  · "Single parent struggle" For many years, children growing up in a single parent family have been viewed as different but nowadays the situation is different. Children of single parents can be just as progressive with emotional, social and behavioral skills as those with two parents.

Mar 20,  · That struggle is magnified for single parents. In a comment on the Times article, Timothy Casey, a senior staff lawyer at Legal Momentum, a women’s legal defense and education fund, writes that “the U.S.

does much less than its high-income peers to assure single-parent families basic economic security, and much less than its high-income.

Single Parent Struggle | Essay Example