The bodyshop nature s way to

Wintergreen can be applied to any area of the body where it is needed. Be sure to dilute well.

The bodyshop nature s way to

And there's over 72 more suggestions in this one book alone. As you now know, I don't believe in allergies. I do, however, believe in one's body showing in symptoms what it needs in nutrition. Also, I believe in the body showing that it has received something it doesn't need. If you're "allergic" to sulfa drugs or antibiotics, consider yourself lucky Drugs, chemicals, preservatives, food coloring dyes, and other unnatural substances have to be high on the body's list of "things to excrete at first opportunity.

Glucose could be nature’s way of telling the body to grow up

How is it then, that we are surprised when the irritant starts a rash, fever, nausea or sneezing? Wouldn't you expect your body to indicate poisoning in some way? If someone ate poisoned food and then developed fever or threw up, we'd agree that the body was reacting to get rid of the toxin in the best way it could.

When a child eats preserved, colored food with the vitamins and nutrients processed out of it, and then develops food sensitivities, where is the surprise? Even injections and vaccinations are forced through our skin in an effort to get a drug into our bloodstream.

We should remember that the body may utilize that same path in trying to get foreign toxins and poisons out. Think of that next time you see a rash or other skin symptom. Your skin is a living, breathing, body-cleaning organ. If you stop it up, you're in trouble. In the James Bond story Goldfinger people were spray-painted gold.

Remember that they supposedly died? Your skin must be free from pore-clogging coatings. In slowing down or blocking this excretion they are clogging the pores and of themselves adding to what has to be cleaned out.

Why make the skin have to now excrete these added toxins on top of the old ones? It's like shaking the dirt out of your rugs If you don't use any of the countless patent skin treatments for beauty or disease, your skin will be that much better.

Treating symptoms is just trying to fool Nature. Coating over the body's cleansing efforts does not make you or your skin well. Keeping drugs, artificial colors, preservatives, alcohols, artificial fragrances, and those foot-long chemical names off your skin can only help it.

As it is, these and other nostrums are key ingredients in today's best-selling lotions. I read right from cosmetic labels, including a "mysterious beauty fluid that works with your skin's own natural moisture to quickly ease away dryness" and "impart a new radiance and glow to your skin.

It's small wonder why people think they've got allergies, or that there's something wrong with their skin. There's nothing wrong with the skin; there's something wrong with what's layered onto it. As for my family, we use a lot of vitamin E. It's hard to beat when directly applied to rough, sore or dry skin.

For topical external application, simply take any E capsule and carefully puncture the end of the capsule. This is easily done with a push-pin or plastic-handled thumb tack. Then just squeeze the E directly where you need it. We keep a bottle of IU capsules in the bathroom cabinet and in the past kept another bottle near the baby changing table, and use it almost daily for diaper rash, dry skin, chapped hands, burns, etc.

Unlike commercially concocted skin preparations, vitamin E is wholly natural as long as it's D-alpha-tocopherol. The "D" form is right handed in molecular structure, and the "L" form is left handed. As far as vitamin E is concerned, the body seems to have a preference for "right-handed" molecules".

On the other hand, you body can only use left-handed vitamin L-ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. The natural "D" form of vitamin E is manufactured from vegetable oils.

Fresh vegetable oil is a nutritional source of E as well, and the Biblical "anointing with oil" or "binding up wounds in oil" may be seen as very sensible. Please refer back to the appendix for a list of some of E's uses.

Other entirely natural, simple skin aids are olive oil and cocoa butter. Both are just vegetable oils, although cocoa butter is not liquid in its natural form. It is more like a wax candle, like a stick.As Brazil’s biggest cosmetic company, Natura should be leading the way towards a world where animal testing for cosmetic purposes is relegated to history.

Until the company has a strong cruelty-free policy in place, Naturewatch Foundation is calling for a boycott of Natura products and all subsidiary brands, including Aesop and The Body Shop.

THE BODY SHOP. SHOP DETAILS. Category: Hair, Health & Beauty: Shop Description: We believe there is only one way to be beautiful, nature's way. We've believed this for years and still do. We constantly seek out wonderful natural ingredients from all four corners of the globe, and we bring you products bursting with effectiveness to enhance.

Product Review - The Body Shop - For Men - MACA ROOT Hi Guys, I was introduced to The Body Shop product range by my brother who gifted me MACA ROOT range of products from the men's range when he came on holidays to India from USA.

The bodyshop nature s way to

Be gorgeous. be radiant. be perfectly smooth head to toe. for sensitive skin, let shea butter, calendula, and chamomile be your guide to a soothing clean., lily of the desert loves aloe and its natural moisturizing benefits. weve been making quality aloe products for over 40 years and have created this one-of-a-kind, aloe-based skin care product with you in mind.

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The Body Shop Nature’s Minerals Eye Color in “Pink Opal” I haven’t played around much with any kind of eye make-up from The Body Shop.

Not sure about their regular eye shadows, but the Nature’s Minerals Eye Shadows seemed too cute to resist plus, it was .

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